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Rounded Globe: call for submissions

Rounded Globe seek monographs and ‘pamphlets’ (manuscripts of between 10,000 and 30,000 words) from distinguished academics, innovative researchers, and independent scholars. Authors must avoid jargon and consent to publish under a legal license that allows their work to be freely shared.

All submissions that pass an initial editorial examination are sent out to two external readers for evaluation, one inside the particular discipline and one outside to ensure that the content is clear and intelligible to a general reader.

We publish a maximum of twelve new essays each year.

Scholarly writing has become inaccessible. Highly technical, narrowly focused, and massively overpriced, articles and books in the humanities are written for a tiny audience of fellow specialists and a captive audience of students. This is a poor return for a dedicated lifetime of exhaustive research and careful thought.

Rounded Globe look to the many thousands of curious humans both within and without the universities who thirst to engage with genuine erudition and recognize and value the fruit of intensive scholarly labour.

Rounded Globe’s distribution model is based upon trust. Scholars publish with us because they want to introduce their work to a wider public. Our readers trust our authors with their time and mental effort. Our authors trust our readers to give something back in return for a gift of time, expertise, and scholarly craft.

Please send a pitch or completed manuscript to


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